Types of Solar Solutions offered:

DIY Range
1Kwp-100 Kwp Solar
1Kwp-100Kwp Wind

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The sun is an abundant source of energy. Today with the help of cutting edge photovoltaic technology it is possible to harness more of this energy than ever before. This is made possible by Solar panels that convert the suns energy into electricity.

With concerns of Global warming and rising fuel bills it is now more economically feasible and necessary to exploit this technology for the betterment of the environment and safeguarding future generations. CareGREEN has devised the first affordable ‘DIY’ solutions for just this. Solar energy is not only a sustainable and renewable energy source, but is also able to reduce energy costs and in some cases totally eliminate them. At CareGREEN we believe change is possible and small steps towards the use of renewable energy can become big steps towards lowering carbon emissions and overall reducing pollution. Along with the financial advantages micro power generation is the way for the future.

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Case Study

The client installed our system A Solution, which would be used to power his home based office. The client was happy to find that the installation had an immediate effect on his electricity bill. He found the DIY installation so simple, that he was able to put it together in only one hour. He later placed the panel on top of his storage roof in his back garden where it now rests.
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